About Us

Corporation Co.,Ltd.

CCS Corporation Co.,Ltd. (CCS), a company was formally established from team of
engineers who has experienced in construction field for Petrochemical, Oil Storage plant,
Gas plant, Petroleum, Refinery, Brewery and Industrial plant.

CCS aims to maintain and build on its good standing in the construction industry by
providing service excellence to its customers and upholding the highest safety standards, professional service for your requirements, being reliable and offering on-time delivery. We have received certification of Quality Management System,QSM ISO 9001:2008 and certified for OHSAS 18001:2007 by SGS (Thailand) Limited.

CCS Corporation Co., Ltd. was formerly named Chonburi Construction & Supply Co., Ltd.



We, CCS, are committed to achieving and maintaining our excellence standards of the quality construction works and including the related services in the area of fabrication, installation, construction management project, and other supply services.

As the commitment stated above, CCS is able to bring you the quality of construction products and services at the most competitive price. This is because we always recognize our customers are our key business partner.

Finally, we shall intentionally determine some opportunities for continual improvement from time to time to ensure that only the highest satisfaction level is provided consistently to our customers.

In order to meet the mentioned commitment, the management has established the following Company objectives.

  1. Maintain the highest level of Clients’ Satisfaction is only provided,
  2. Preventive & Proactive action concept is focused and taken rather than corrective one,
  3. Appropriate welled planning of construction works and services,
  4. Always maintain conformance of meeting Customer and Product requirements,
  5. All projects are effort to delivery on time,
  6. Only our employees with service mind concept and adequate competency shall be assigned, and
  7. Understand that our Suppliers and Subcontractors are mutually beneficial partners.

Sophon Ruangkittikul
Managing Director
CCS Corporation Co., Ltd.